Sugar Beet Seeds. Beta vulgaris. Non-GMO. Perennial. Open Pollinated. (F1). Heirloom. Disease Resistant. The plant produces good yields of Sugar Beets. Sugar beets are great for canning and freezing. They are very dependable producers, even under adverse conditions. These are the ones that are found in your local supermarket and restaurants. An excellent choice for home gardens.

Approximate Seed Count and Seed Planting Guidelines

Seeds Per 1 lb : 24,000 Seeds Per 1 oz : 1,500 Seeds per 100 Feet: 1 oz Seeds per Acre: 15 lbs

Distance Between Rows: 12” to 24” Distance in Row: 4” Seed Depth: ½” to 1”

Days for Germination: 14 to 21 days Soil Temperature for Germinations: 75F to 85F Days for Harvest: 45 to 55 days

Spring/Summer Planting Time: April – August Fall Planting Time: September/November

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