Giant Prague Celeriac Seeds
Giant Prague Celeriac CL6-100

Giant Prague Celeriac Seeds

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110 days. Apium graveolens. Open Pollinated. Giant Prague Celeriac. The plant produces large 2 to 5" round crisp white celery-flavored roots. Excellent in soups and stews and used for making vegetable juice. Also shredded and used in salads with greens. Also called Rooted Celery. Stores well. An excellent choice for home gardens. An heirloom dating back to 1871. United States Department of Agriculture, NSL 32695.

Lot No: 189466

Germination: 85%

Test Date: 01/24

Seeds Per Pound: 480,000

Plant Height: 18 to 24” tall

Planting Season: Spring

Sunlight Requirement: Full Sun/Partial Shade

Planting Method: Indoor Sow

Apium graveolens - var. rapaceum

Seed DepthSoil Temp. for GerminationDays to GerminationSunlight RequirementsPlanting Time
1/4"70 F to 75 F 15 to 20 daysPartial Shade / Full Sun Spring
USDA Hardiness ZoneSeed SpacingRow SpacingSpace After ThinningDays to Harvest
N/A 1"18 - 24" 4 - 6"100 - 150 days
Celeriac Seed Planting Information:

Celeriac needs a long cool growing period and will not grow well where temperatures average above 75 F or where temperatures drop below 45 F. Plant your seeds indoors, between February and April before setting in the garden. Harden off before planting in the garden. Transplant outdoors when soil temperature is above 55 F. Soak ground well before transplanting outdoors. Spring planting should occur as soon as soil can be worked. Keep plants well watered to avoid tough roots. You can begin harvesting the roots between September and spring when 2" thick. Cover plants with mulch when temperatures fall below freezing. Plants can grow 12" tall.

Soil Requirements:

Requires fertile soil in a well drained location in the garden. Apply much and grass clippings, or straw around base of plant.

Water Requirements:

Water regularly. Keep watered during dry and hot spells.

Fertilizer Requirements:

Use RootBlast, Vegetable Alive, and Slow Release Fertilizer when transplanting outdoors. Apply Miracle Gro twice a month.

Harvest Tips:

Dig out roots when roots are several inches in diameter.

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