Japanese Larch Bonsai Tree
Japanese Larch Bonsai Tree TR33-20

Japanese Larch Bonsai Tree

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Larix kaempferi. Open Pollinated. This Bonsai tree produces has small green evergreen needles. The crown is broad conic, both the main branches and the side branches are level, the side branches only rarely drooping. It is used for ornamental purposes in parks and gardens. Disease Resistant. A variety is native to Japan.

Lot No: 1825658

Germination: 53%

Test Date: 02/24

Plant Height: Miniature Tree

Planting Instructions: Soak in water. Let stand in water 24 hours. Plant seeds 1/4" deep.

Stratification:Cold stratify for 30 days.

Soil Facts: Requires a well prepared soil. Use general purpose fertilizer when preparing soil.

Germination: 12-18 days at 85°F

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