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West Indian Gherkin Cucumber Seeds

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West Indian Gherkin Cucumbers
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Country Of Origin: African Region African Region
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Heirloom Variety
Non Treated Seeds
Non-GMO Variety
Pickling Cucumber
65 days. Cucumis anguria. Open Pollinated. West Indian Gherkin Cucumber. The plant produces heavy yields of 1 to 2" oval cucumbers. They have been used for centuries to make small pickles and relishes. It can be cooked and added to soups. It was grown by Thomas Jefferson at Monticello vegetable garden between 1812 and 1824. They do great in hot and humid regions. Also known as Burr Gherkin Cucumber or Burr Cucumber. It is believed that it originated in Africa and then was taken to the West Indies through the slave trade. The heirloom was introduced into the United States in 1792 via Jamaica, by Minton Collins of Richmond, Virginia, USA. An excellent choice for home gardens. United States Department of Agriculture, NSL 5769.

Lot No: 230096

Germination: 85%

Test Date: 06/24

Seeds Per Pound: 16,000

Plant Height: Vine Type Plant

Planting Season: Spring/Late Summer

Sunlight Requirement: Full Sun/Partial Shade

Planting Method: Indoor Sow/Direct Sow

Pickling Cucumbers Cucumis sativus

Seed DepthSoil Temp. for GerminationDays to GerminationSunlight RequirementsPlanting Time
1 1/2"65 F to 75 F7 to 14 daysFull Sun Spring
USDA Hardiness ZoneSeed SpacingRow SpacingSpace After ThinningDays to Harvest
N/A Hills 18" Apart 7 ft Hills 18" Apart50 - 70 days
Pickling Cucumber Seed Planting Information:

Cucumbers don't do well if roots are disturbed, so it is best to plant seeds directly in the garden. Plant your seeds in soil, 2 to 3 weeks after last frost, when soil and air temperature is at least 60 F. Thin so there are 4 plants per hill. Cucumbers can also be grown in rows instead of hills, spacing 24" apart in rows 24 - 36" apart. Trellised plants can be grown as close as 10" apart. Cucumbers only take 55 to 65 days to maturity, so you can have multiple harvest by growing 2 to 3 weeks apart. Plants grow 1 ft tall and vines spread up to 6 ft.

Warning: Do not plant in cold wet soil or you may experience poor germination!

Soil Requirements:

Requires fertile soil in a well drained location in the garden. Apply much and grass clippings, or straw around base of plant.

Water Requirements:

The soil should be continuously moist. Water well during dry and hot spells. Make sure plants get ½" water per week.

Fertilizer Requirements:

Use RootBlast, Vegetable Alive, and Slow Release Fertilizer when transplanting outdoors. Periodically apply Miracle Gro.

Harvest Tips:

Snip the stems with garden scissors when cucumbers are 2" long for pickling varieties. Harvesting frequently encourages more production. Pick daily to prevent fruit from becoming too large. Over ripe cucumbers will have a bitter taste.

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