Olive Tree Seeds
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Olive Tree Seeds

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Olea europaea. Perennial. Open Pollinated. Olive Tree. The tree produces quality olives. The plant has evergreen gray green leaves and many fragrant flowers. This makes a good ornamental tree. Excellent for school projects. Try growing your own olives. Drought Resistant. Olives are grown commercially in California. A variety from Italy.

Lot No: 1826053

Germination: 71%

Test Date: 05/24

Seeds Per Pound: 2,000

Tree Height: 25 ft tall.

Planting Instructions: Soak seeds in water. Let stand in water for 24 hours before planting. The olive tree requires good soil for good yields. Plant seeds outdoors or indoors 3/8" deep. Tamp the soil, mulch the seedbed, remove mulch upon germination. Germination may be delayed until the following year, cracking the seed coat may help germination. Germinates best if the soil is between 80 and 85 degrees. Transplant in larger pots as the seedling grows. Zone 10

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