Actinovate Organic Fungicide pk/1
Actinovate Organic Fungicide FZ18

Actinovate Organic Fungicide pk/1

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Actinovate Organic Fungicide. Combats root disease and stop damping-off! It is an organic fungicide that is perfect for growing plants from seeds. It is also great for lawns and gardens, It is used to control root rot and damping-off fungi and of foliar fungal pathogens. Does your young seedling tend to die? Then this may be your solution. It can be used as a soil drench or as a foliar spray. When applied to the soil, it breaks down minerals and micronutrients making them more readily available to plants, resulting in stronger and healthier plants. Makes up to 28 gallons of spray or drench. It can be applied up to the day of harvest. OMRI listed. 2 oz

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