Saffron Bulbs 1 bulb
Saffron Bulbs HB165-1
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Saffron Bulbs 1 bulb

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Country Of Origin: Greece Greece
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Crocus sativus. Perennial. Open Pollinated. The plant produces good yields of saffron which is the world's most expensive spice. The plant has violet-purple flowers with brilliant orange-red stigmas that are the source of the aromatic culinary spice. It takes 150,000 orange-red stigmas of the flowers to make two pounds of the spice. Used by Gourmet Chefs around the world. You don't need to purchase this expensive spice again! Grow your own plants for home use or for restaurant use. The lovely lavender blossoms in fall are an added bonus to your garden. Planted in the fall, it bears lovely lavender flowers the following autumn. Order at least 5 to 10 bulbs to produce enough spice for one recipe. Plant 100 bulbs to produce enough space for the entire year. Suitable for containers, patios, borders/ rock gardens, window boxes, square-foot gardening, and small gardens. A variety from Greece.

Lot No: R

Germination: 85%

Test Date: 10/23

Planting Instructions: Unpack and plant immediately. Plant bulbs 4 - 6" deep and 6" apart in a location of the garden sheltered from the wind.

Soil Facts: Requires a well-prepared soil. Add sand and compost as needed if the soil is heavy and lacking organic matter. Use general purpose fertilizer when preparing the soil. Mulch well the first winter. Clean straw and dead leaves can be used as mulch. In zones 5 or colder, plant in pots and bury them in the garden. Before winter arrives and the first freeze, remove pots from the garden and place it in the cellar, so it is protected from freezing temperatures.

Harvesting: The stigmas of the flowers are used for the saffron spice. The stigmas are the three bright orange appendages attached to the center of the flower. You need to dry the stigmas in an airy spot away from direct sunlight. When the stigmas crumble easily when crushed, they are adequately dried for storage. Store in a cool dark place in airtight containers.

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by on December 4, 2021

Fast and such healthy and super fresh bulbs ready to go in ground. (Going tomorrow received today). Healthy roots none black or smudged. Can't wait till next year. Will repost

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