Seed Planting Info

Tragopogon porrifolius

Seed DepthSoil Temp. for GerminationDays to GerminationSunlight RequirementsPlanting Time
1/2"N/A 21 to 28 daysPartial Shade/Full Sun Spring/Fall
USDA Hardiness ZoneSeed SpacingRow SpacingSpace After ThinningDays to Harvest
N/A 2"36" 6"120 days
Salsify Seed Planting Information:

Salsify also called Oyster Plant and Vegetable Oyster. It is grown like Parsnips and is one of the hard to grow root vegetables. Salsify need a finely cultivated soil, preferably sandy soil. Work the soil to a depth of 1 to 1 ½ feet so the soil is loose. Planting should immediately after last frost. They can not take the mid-summer climate, so plant early spring of in the fall. The deeper the soil is tilled, the longer the roots will develop. Plants are 8" to 12" tall.

Soil Requirements:

Requires loose fertile sandy soil in a well drained location in the garden. Apply much, and grass clippings, or straw around base of plant. Use plenty of manure and compost for large roots.

Water Requirements:

Keep soil uniformly moist and from drying out. Keep watered during dry and hot spells.

Fertilizer Requirements:

Use RootBlast, Vegetable Alive, and Slow Release Fertilizer when transplanting outdoors. Periodically apply Miracle Gro.

Harvest Tips:

Dig or pull roots when they are 8" in length.

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