Red Kuri Squash pk/20

90 days. Cucurbita maxima. Plant produces high yields of large 5 to 10 lb bright orange teardrop shaped squash. This Japanese squash is used as a vegetable side dish for winter meals and for making pies. Also known as Uchiki Kuri, Baby Red Hubbard and Orange Hokkaido. A winter squash variety. pk/20

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We planted our Red Kuri squash for the first time this year and have had great results in terms of growth of plants, numbers of squash grown, and taste appeal for the whole family. We will plant this every year on our small farm!
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I have grown Red Kuri for the past two years and this is the only squash I will keep on growing. You can't beat the taste! My very favorite dish: bake slices in butter with brown sugar (to your taste). When almost done top with fresh skinned peach slices and bake a further 10 minutes.In the winter use canned peach slices adding some of the juice. This can be a "desert".
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