Black Cherry Tomato pk/20

65 days. Lycopersicon esculentum. Plant produces high yields of black cherry tomatoes. This is the first true black cherry tomato that has the classic black tomato flavor. Excellent for gourmet dishes and vegetable platters. A variety from the USA. Indeterminate. Certified Organic. pk/20

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I love this tomato. Superb flavour. Last year it was in late when I grew it and it bore fruit prolifically. Late in the season I pulled up the plants and brought them inside and hung them up in the kitchen where they held beautifully until finally all were eaten still tasting great. This year they have been much earlier and the fruit are fewer but larger (super sizers for a cherry) but still great tasting. Somehow I have only one plant in the greenhouse but three outdoors, which were much later - they're fruiting now but I guess it will depend on autumn temperatures as to how they will do. Jane from New Zealand.
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Prolific ! At least 200 tomatoes on one plant in groupings of 7 to 20 and still covered in flowers. They also have the advertised black tomato taste.
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