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I must be blind. I looked again and the planting instructions were right there at the bottom of the plant description. The instructions are very clear and complete.

I live in Shropshire, England and I would like to tell you that I bought some Marion tomato seeds from you in 2007, and I was very pleased with them. I grew them in an unheated greenhouse. They grew very strongly and cropped quite heavily and were a good size and flavour. They are very hard to beat and I will be buying some more from you soon for next year. I had enough in that packet to last for 3 years. This variety of seeds is not available at the moment in Britain. It was available from Cuthbert Seeds, but that firm has now disappeared. Thanks a lot for a very good product.

REIMER SEEDS - simply magnificent, many varieties of seeds, excellent detailed explanations, serious and reliable staff, and good delivery time - 20 days - USA to- ITALY first class mail. The only sore point ITALY tax rate is 20%

Hi .. Just wanted you to know that I am very pleased with the high level of service you provide. The website is a dream to navigate and my 1st seed order only took a week to arrive and I live in Eastern Canada. Thanks again.

Delivery time is tops. I have made Reimer Seeds my primary seed provider this year. My wife and I garden almost a half acre. We are looking forward to planting this spring in April. We can't wait. For anyone reading this feedback, we have spent neary $170 dollars on seeds just from Reimer Seeds. The seeds seem to be top quality with good germination.

It’s nice having such a large section of seeds to choose from. Good service and good quality!

Even the seeds that were back-ordered got here within a week and a half. Good job! You can't find the seeds we ordered, even at the local farm stores. Looking forward to the Rocky Ford cantalopes.

That was the fastest shipment of seeds I have ever had, thank you!. Now time to see how they grow..........

I ordered seeds that I can’t get over here in Hawaii. So far everything is growing well. Really fast shipping and good quality…

I placed an order from Reimer Seeds in August. I received the order quickly, planted the seeds, and every seed has germinated in the first 2 weeks in September. I am extremely happy with the company and I will definitely order from them again. I recommend Reimer Seeds to all my gardening Pals !

I like Reimer Seeds and order from them often. They ship quickly. We'll do business again.

Awesome seeds! Every seed germinates and the plants are top quality! Great deal on price per pack and number of seeds.

As a business owner and avid gardener, I take gardening very seriously. I recently gave Reimer a shot to see how their seeds would germinate. I have to admit, their service was great, and the seeds exceeded my expectations, nearly 100% germination! I've been recommending Reimer to any of our customers that ask advice on where to purchase their seeds from (I own and operate an online garden supply store), and have been posting our results on various gardening websites and chat boards. Keep up the great work!

I think I have a new favorite web-site!! You are beautiful!, cute!, colorful!, easy to navigate!, and LOADED with product!!! (I never saw so many peppers in one place!) And I found all three I was looking for!! I can hardly wait to order!

I am super impressed! I received my order within a week. Each packet contains extra seeds. Everything arrived as ordered. WAY better service than the other companies who sent me only half of my order, and those were expired, and told me they don't send free gifts that was on the page when I placed the order. Reimer Seeds, you are the greatest!!! Oh, and your selection is the best in the world!

I live in Virginia and sponsor a child and family from Albania through a World Charity Organization. I have been purchasing quite a few varieties from Reimer Seeds. The family continues to write to me and tell me all the seeds are all good and have germinated with no problem. The fruits and vegetables are growing great. Reimer Seeds has many hard to find to get, like Sugar Beets, etc. I have been laying a foundation for this family in Albania for the past 2 years to help them out. They tell me all the plants are growing great! Thanks for Reimer Seeds service and quality products.

I am pleased! My seed packs were plentiful. The Yellow Stuffer tomato, World's Smallest Cherry Tomato, and the Siberian Tomato all sprouted in 4 days! The order reached Oklahoma in 3 days also. So, 1 week from the evening I placed the order, I was growing the tomatoes. Awesome.

I live in Seattle and love Okra - you can see the problem already. Anyway, getting Okra to mature and fruit up here in the Great Cold North&Wet is a challenge, but I was reading the planting instructions again and I have figured out how to get them to germinate well and quickly, close to 100% - put the seeds in a glass of warm water in the kitchen. Leave them for about two days and you'll see them start to sprout - as they sprout (not before) plant them quickly in good light potting soil and they'll jump right up. I've tried starting them with seeds in pots inside and got a high failure rate, when I tried starting them in the ground outside I got a dismal failure rate. Getting them to actually mature, flower and fruit in an area where summer starts after July 4 and often ends before Sept. 1 - now that's a challenge. But getting them started is easy.

I am from Malaysia and I bought Broccoli Packman's seeds and they grow big!... Thanks Reimer Seeds

MAINSTREAM Cantaloupes- YES! This is the first season I tried to grow cantaloupe here in Pennsylvania. The secret is to make sure that all danger of frost is over, because if you plant them to early the seeds will not grow. I am very pleased with all the large 4 pound melons that I got from your seed. They are great cut into cubes for breakfast. Thank you. I plan on buying more seeds from you for next spring.

I submitted a large seed order yesterday, just when early crop planting season (Zone 5) has just begun. Reimer Seeds must be flooded with orders at this time of year. The seeds have already been shipped! I have no idea how they can process an order so quickly, but I am grateful. I look forward to a green summer (and some red lettuce). Thank you!

I have never had seeds delivered so promptly without ANY backorder before I used your company! Thanks! I look forward to a great garden with Reimer seeds!

FANTASTIC!! Just received my seeds all the way in California, just three days after I placed the order. Very happy with the service and I look forward to using Reimer Seeds again!

My seeds arrived very quickly. I soaked and planted them and they are already up and growing just 4 days after planting! I have experienced almost 100% germination success. Thank you so much!

I placed my order on a Friday and the seeds were in my mailbox the next Monday. Can’t ask for faster service than that. Only Reimer had all the varieties I was looking for.

Your site was very easy to navigate and you have an Awsome variety of hot peppers the most available from 5 web sites. I'm looking forward to planting my selections as soon as they arrive.

Thank you, Thank you! I ordered difficult to find pea seeds from you in the spring. They seemed a bit pricey and I was nervous about buying over the internet. BUT..I am so happy I did. The seeds arrived in a matter of days. The germination was very good. The flavor of the peas is out of this world. I have been picking peas 5 weeks now and they are still producing. Amazing. The service and quality was worth every penny. I will be back!

I order seed from Reimer last year and was very pleased. There were more seeds in the package than stated and germination and growth was very good. I am back this year which should show my pleasure with this company.

They had a tomato seed that My father has been searching for a few years for but no luck. I found them here and not only did they ship them quite quickly, I have a 100% grow rate. My father is going to be so please come this fathers day when I give him the plants! I will be back for ALOT more as they have some pretty amazing items that I would love to try and grow!!! LOVE THIS PLACE :)

I live in Central Florida and was looking for tomatoes that will do good here with the heat, drought and flooding. I had gotten the name of Floradade tomatoes, so I searched the internet and your site came up. I am glad I found you! You have a great variety of seeds that will provide me good plants for my area. Thanks for being there! I can't wait till my seeds arrive! Your descriptions and categories are stupendous!

Great service and really really fast delivery, even to the UK. I will be using Reimer Seeds for all my orders from now on!

I found your web page easy to navigate and find what I wanted. My order arrived in less than 5 days. Best service I've had from a seed company.

My seeds arrived extremely fast by ordinary First Class mail. I received it in only three days after placing the order. I used PayPal.

I got my seeds and everyone of the seeds sprouted! Thank you very much.

Thanks so much!!! I have just received all my seeds. I noticed that I got a few extra seed here and there which made my money worth it ...

I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my seeds! Attached is a picture of the “Siberian” Tomato sprouts. If you can believe it, I planted these seeds on the 17th of February. Today is the 28th. I’ve rarely ever had tomato seeds germinate in that short a time, let alone be 2.5” tall! I have also planted your Siltez Tomato, Grande Jalapeno, Pablano, and Giant Marconi sweet peppers the day after the above, so 10 days ago, and the Siltez Tomatoes average about 2” tall, while the peppers have almost all sprouted, with most being .5 – 1” tall! Is this typical of your seeds? I’ve NEVER had this much luck with starting seeds, either in % germinated or fast growth and hardiness! In most of starter pots, ALL of the seeds sprouted, as in 2-3 per pot! To say that I’m a happy customer would be a gross understatement! I’ve been telling my gardening friends and relatives of your company and hope that you get more business from them, because I’ve now found my favorite seeds company! Sincerely, David E. Sample

I spend about 150 bucks on seeds they all came up and I got a few extra seeds for next year very good quality seeds hard to find these days

Literally the best place to buy seeds. Ever. Good variety-good prices-top quality-fast shipping-AFFORDABLE shipping-extremely nice staff-there is NOTHING bad I can say. If I could be in love with a website-it would be this one.

Last summer I bought some Abe Lincoln plants at a local garden club sale and we loved them. I also bought tomatoes from a guy down the road that we loved. When I stopped to get more, he said they were his wife’s favorite, called German Queen. I usually start my some of my own tomatoes, and when I searched for those varieties, I ran across the Reimer Seeds website. They offer a huge variety of seeds, especially the old heirlooms. Customer service and delivery were both excellent, and I can’t wait to start them this spring. Thank you Reimer Seeds!!!

Last summer I bought some Abe Lincoln plants at a local garden club sale and we loved them. I also bought tomatoes from a guy down the road that we loved. When I stopped to get more, he said they were his wife’s favorite, called German Queen. I usually start my some of my own tomatoes, and when I searched for those varieties, I ran across the Reimer Seeds website. They offer a huge variety of seeds, especially the old heirlooms. Customer service and delivery were both excellent, and I can’t wait to start them this spring. Thank you Reimer Seeds!!!

Thank you so very much for your speedy delivery. I am impressed with the tomato seeds you offer, the simplicity of ordering on your website, and the quickness I with which you send the order. I will be a customer in future years. Thanks again.

I just wanted to say how fabulous your seeds are first time ever my squash grew in Florida will.never buy from anyone else

I used your recommendation for the Miracle Gro Seed Starting Mix and it is working great! I got one of the highest germination rates this year that I have ever gotten. Last year I had to restart some of my seeds three times. No problems this year, thank you.

Great job I ordered and I received nice packaging, on their website it will tell you what you need to know about planting the seeds. Good Job

I finally broke down and bought some good Sioux tomato seeds from Reimer and they germinated within a week!!! I had gotten cheap seed from God Knows Where online which took forever to sprout and never did develop any true leaves. I’m very happy with your company.

My order was accurate and on time! Thank you Reimer Seeds!! The tips/instructions are very helpful. Thank you again Reimer seeds

Just got my seeds, and thanks for the speed and efficiency in getting my order to me. I am very excited to start planting. Very very happy to have received not only my order but the three packets of free seeds as a gift. A pleasant surprise and will definitely be ordering from you guys again in the future.

Fast delivery and so neatly packaged. Seeds of excellent quality. Very professional description of each plant and recommendations for planting. They also gave me a sample of seeds as a gift with my purchase. Thanks a lot. Very satisfied. I will be with you!

I really like your website-easy to use with a great variety or products.... WOW fast shipping, thank you

Thank you Reimer Seeds for my shipment of Indigo Blue Beauty tomato seeds. I am first time seed grower and are very pleased with how well my seedlings are doing! Looking forward to tasting these beauties this summer here in south central Texas.

Planted your Autumn Gold pumpkin seeds this year, and was amazed with the number of pumpkins produced so far. If I can keep the woodchucks away, I expect a great harvest. Thanks!

I wanted to say that I LOVE the medicinal herbs section added. Seriously, you are my favorite mostly because of your website. The information provided for each seed variety is the best around. Keep up the good work!! Also, I would love it if you could add some parthenocarpic squash seeds. The vine borers in Oklahoma are a nightmare and I think fully covered may be the only way to get a decent production.

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