Frequently Asked Questions

1. FREE SHIPPING OVER $25 AND $75 (USA Orders Only)+-

2. Do you have a Catalog you can send me?+-

3. Terms & Conditions of Sale+-

4. How can I contact you?+-

5. What is the estimated time to leave our warehouse and the estimated delivery time once the package is shipped?+-

6. My credit card was declined. What do I need to do so I can place the order using my credit card?+-

7. I Forgot My Password. How do I Get a New Password?+-

8. Can You Recommend Varieties to Grow in My Region?+-

9. Why do some gardeners experience germination problems?+-

10. Where can I find the Planting Instructions?+-

11. Why did some of the hot peppers grow and others didn't, especially since I planted them all in same manner?+-

12. How many seeds are in a pack?+-

13. Do you accept telephone orders?+-

14. How Many Seeds in an Pound or Ounce?+-

15. Important - Shipping Address and Billing Address+-

16. Can I add or delete Items from the order once the order is placed?+-

17. Do you accept International orders?+-

18. What is Expedited Service?+-

19. Why should I add Insurance Protection to my order?+-

20. How does the Loyalty Points Program work?+-

21. Out of stock items and back in stock email notification?+-

22. Out of Stock Items?+-

23. How do I know if an item is a Heirloom or a (F1) Hybrid?+-

24. What is a PVP variety?+-

25. Do you provide non-GMO seed certificates?+-

26. How do I know if the seeds are treated or non-treated?+-

27. Do you sell plants?+-

28. Missing Seeds Notification+-

29. Where are We Located?+-

30. What are the Terms & Conditions of Sale+-

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