Wisconsin 55 Tomato pk/20

75 days. Lycopersicon esculentum. Plant produces good yields of large red tomatoes. Tomatoes ripens evenly and have no shoulder cracks. A superb tomato developed by the University of Wisconsin. Excellent shipper variety! Suitable for home garden and market growers. Disease Resistant to Blossom End Rot, Early Blight and Leaf Spot. United States Department of Agriculture, PI 303809. Indeterminate. Certified Organic. pk/20

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I have over 200 varieties of tomatoes that I've grown. Clearly, the Wisconsin 55 is one of the most intensely flavored, with a red wine richness and great acidity. Superb.
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I grew both Better Boy and Wisconsin 55. The Wisconsin 55 was much better with higher yields and with similar taste.
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