Miniature White Cucumbers pk/20

48 days. Cucumis sativus. Plant produces high yields of small white cucumbers. One of the best white cucumbers on the market as it has not bitterness which is typical of most white cucumbers. Excellent for salads, pickles, or gourmet dishes. Impress your neighbors by growing some white cucumbers! Certified Organic. pk/20

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We grow these cucs hydroponickaly. They are prolific fruiters. The plants them selves are not crazy wild and reach a span of only three feet and length of six feet maximum. The customers love them!
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Way back in the early 50's my grand parents raised white cucumbers, handed down from great grandparents,to my mother, over 100 years of canning white pickles, I love these cucumbers all my family loves these white cucumbers, keep these babies going, great seeds!!!
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