Green Curled Ruffec Endive pk/100

90 days. Cichorium endivia. Open Pollinated. Plant produces good yields of dark green curly endive leaves with creamy white leaves in the center. Perfect fresh, boiled, steamed, and garnishes. Also known as Early Green Curled Endive, Giant Fringed Oyster Endive, Ruffee Endive, Green Curled Rufec Endive, Rubble Endive, and Fine Green Curled Endive. Resistant to cold wet weather. Excellent choice for home gardens. A pre-1865 heirloom variety. United States Department of Agriculture, NSL 6385. pk/100

85% 11/16

Seeds Per Pound: 320,000

Plant Height: 12 to 15” Tall

Planting Season: Spring/Summer/Fall

Sunlight Requirement: Full Sun/Partial Shade

Planting Method: Direct Sow

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