Tahitian Butternut Squash pk/10

110 days. Cucurbita Maxima. Plant produces good yields of large butternut type squash with long neck. The squash has golden-orange flesh that gets sweeter during storage. It is delicious raw or baked. Excellent for home gardens and market growers. A winter squash variety. pk/10

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I planted this squash in spring in central FL along with 4 other pumpkin types. All are gone except the Tahitian. From 2 hills I harvested 12. There are still fruits forming with a frost coming this week. It is delicious raw, in salads, baked, boiled, mashed, in stews, no way it isn't good.
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I wasn't sure if I would get anything because I planted this huge plant in a 3ftX6ft garden box. So you can imagine how pleased I was when I receive 12 very nice size squash. I harvested in May and I'm now using my last squash in October and it's in excellent condition. It stores very nicely. It produced completely before being taken out by squash vine bores.
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