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75 days. Lycopersicon esculentum. Plant produces heavy yields of 1 to 2 oz creamy-yellow cherry tomatoes. This is the closest thing to a pure white cherry tomato. It has creamy-yellow color on the outside and a white color inside. Very sweet and flavorful. Excellent for salads, snacks, and gourmet dishes. Suitable for home garden or market growers. Indeterminate. pk/20

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I never would consider a cherry tomato except a friend gave me a little started plant of Snowberry to try last year. I had no room in my garden bed so I potted it in a 12-inch patio pot. Last year was a bad weather year for all of my tomatoes so the Snowberry gave a few fruit and did poorly. However, the neglected potted plant survived outside through our Southern California winter, through windstorms, rainstorms, and frost. I thought it was dead, but miraculously this spring it still had some green growth, revived and is giving me tons of little tomatoes in clusters. This little potted plant just keeps blooming and blooming as long as I feed it periodically. I wonder if it will survive into next year as well? Good tasting little yellow tomatoes in our salads or for picking off the vine to pop into your mouth. The birds leave my yellow Snowberries alone so I don't have to pick them green like my red tomato varieties.
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I have been growing this tomato for 4 years now. It is an exceptional variety. The seedlings do well (I have purchased my seed here), the transplants are good, the plants never have any problems, and I have never experienced cracking or blossom end rot. Production is good and while not the heaviest cropper, they put out a very respectable amount of tomatoes - on par with Chocolate Cherry tomatoes if you have grown them, and identical in size. They are more of a translucent yellow than white - quite beautiful really. As they ripen they stay pretty firm and have a longer shelf-life than others. Their taste is incredibly unique. Light, fruity, with a hint of pineapple, yet still tomato - maybe a tropical tomato taste? One of my favorite pairings for these is over rocket arugula with a lemon/olive oil dressing. The flavor just spills out. They also do great roasted on a pizza. I generally do a mix of tomatoes for this, and the Snowberry adds a lot of complexity to the tomato flavor. It's noticeably missed when I don't use it. I think the thing I find most hilarious though about this tomato is the fact that I usually grow about 15-20 varieties each year, and every family member has a favorite, however, this one is the favorite of our English Mastiff - who would have ever thought? When picking tomatoes, she often follows and grabs the cracked and damaged ones. However, she sits longingly next to the Snowberry plants in the late summer. I have watched her lie under the plants even and gingerly try to pluck individual ripe Snowberries from the vine when she thinks no one is looking. Her love of this variety has been consistent, and there are some varieties (also yellow) that she hates, and just won't eat, so it's not that she isn't discriminating. I personally find the whole thing pretty funny, but the bottom line is - everyone really loves these tomatoes and I will continue to grown them.
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