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Schultz All Purpose Liquid Plant Food Plus feeds all indoor and outdoor plants every time you water. Takes just 7 drops per quart of water! Feeds through the roots and leaves. Excellent for grwoing plants, transplanting, and repotting. It is safe and will not burn leaves. Also great to increase seed germination on difficult varieties. Comes with an easy to measure dropper. 4 oz

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Schultz All Purpose Liquid Plant Food Plus ™ USe:


All Houseplants African Violets Orchids Herbs Gardenias Gloxinia Dieffenbachia Philodendrons Bonsai Pothos Jade Plants Ivy Cacti Ficus Hydroponics

All Outdoor Plants

Roses Tomatoes Flowers Bulbs Bedding Plants Seeds Vegetables Trees Azaleas Fruits Berries Rhododendrons Lawns Shrubs Evergreens


Shake bottle well before easy use. Keep bottle in carton when not in use.

All Indoor Plants:

Just 7 drops (1/2 teaspoon) per quart of water every time you water, everything you grow. For feeding once or twice a month use up to 14 drops (1/4 teaspoon) per quart of water. 1 full squeeze of the dropper dispenses approx. 14 drops.

Outdoor Container Plants:

4 dropperfuls (1 teaspoon) per gallon of water every day 7-14 days.

Plants in Ground:

8 dropperfuls (2 teaspoons) per gallon of water every 7-14 days. For feeding outdoor plants once or twice a month, double recommended amounts.

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