Ruby Queen Corn pk/50

75 days. Zea mays. (F1) Plant produces good yields of 8" long ears of red corn. Yes, it's really red! This is an extra sweet, tender variety that is very flavorful! The ears have 16 to 18 rows of kernels. Best when picked when it is blush red for maximum sweetness. Or you can let it ripen to full red so it can develop its rich, old fashioned flavor. There is no need to isolate from other corns, but we suggest that you grow another SE variety to help with pollination. An added bonus the red tassels and stalks make fantastic autumn decorations. An SE variety. pk/50

Plant Height: 7 ft tall.

85% 04/15

(SE) Sugary Enhancer Hybrids The SE varieties have the highest sugar content. It also has superior tenderness. Usually last over a week in the fridge. No isolation needed.

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We grew this two years ago and LOVED it. I planted this and a so-called edible miniture blue corn side by side (the blue was dreadful) in big pots in the back garden... the blue was supposedly geared for container gardening; I just planted a couple of clumps of the red on a lark becuase it was so pretty. I'm so glad I did. My husband was skeptical at first when I picked the first ears to make for dinner. He's a fan of sweet corn (the sweeter the better) but once he tried it, he was totally impressed. Not only was it gorgeous to serve (the color held up both boiled when we boiled them and tossed onto the grill in the husk), but the taste was absolutely fantastic. The yield was really good... in a small garden corn sometimes seems like such a waste of space, but each stalk produced really good sized ears (a couple of stalks gave us three ears.) I'm looking forward to growing this again this year. It is the only variety of corn I ever plan to grow again. Helen Pattskyn Metro-Detroit, Michigan
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This is a great red corn! I planted it this year for the first time. The color is gorgeous and the taste is fantastic, sweet and tender. I plan to plant more of it next year in my New Jersey garden.
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