Manalucie Tomato pk/20

82 days. Lycopersicon esculentum. (F1) Plant produces good yields of flavorful large red globe shaped tomatoes. Plant has heavy foliage protecting the tomatoes from the South’s heat. Disease Resistant Blossom End Rot, Gray Leaf Mold, Early Blight, Fusarium Wilt. United States Department of Agriculture, PI 270236. Indeterminate. pk/20

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A great home grown tomato. I hope that you keep supplying seed. Large fruit generally with a catseye that used to be covered with a sticker for the market. Stakes well on strong plants, produces until frost. Grown 50 years ago in Western NC. Too large for the market these days.
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Good flavor, decent yeild. Less of a core than most of my tomatos. Kept a long time after picking.
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