Kossak Kohlrabi pk/50

80 days. Brassica oleracea. (F1) Plant produces excellent yields of incredibly large kohlrabi bulbs. The bulbs can grow up to 10" wide. It is very sweet, very flavorful, and very tender with no trace of woodiness. They can be eaten raw, used in coleslaw, cooked, or used in Hungarian soups. Impress your neighbors by growing a world record size kohlrabi. Keeps well, good storage variety. Excellent choice for home gardens. pk/50

95% 11/16

Seeds Per Pound: 96,000

Plant Height: Roots: 8 to 10”/Leaves: 9 to 12” Tall

Planting Season: Spring/Fall

Sunlight Requirement: Full Sun/Partial Shade

Planting Method: Direct Sow/Indoor Sow

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This is the best kohl rabi ever. Huge bulbs, and always succulent. Never woody.
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I agree with the above. I was amazed that, unlike most giant vegetables, it is as described: sweet, tender, non-stringy, keeps well! Hallaluyah.
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