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Hawaiian Lilikoi Fruit Tree (Passion Fruit) pk/5
Hawaiian Lilikoi Fruit Tree (Passion Fruit) TR27-5_Base

Hawaiian Lilikoi Fruit Tree (Passion Fruit) pk/5

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Passiflora edulis. This seed produces vine type trees that has edible tropical golden passion fruit. When ripe, passion fruit is enjoyed as a fruit, fruit juice, and used in cakes and frostings. A single passion fruit contains only 16 calories. A good source of potassium, iron and vitamins A, C.

Lot No: R

Germination: 85%

Test Date: 03/20

Planting Instructions: Plant seeds ½" deep.

Soil Facts: Requires a well prepared potting soil media. Use 10/5/20 fertilizer when preparing soil.

Germination: 12-18 days at 75°F

Tips: Use RootBlast for larger plants and higher yields. Place soft wood around the soil to attract carpenters bees for better pollination. Best if kept in areas that do not get below 60 degress.

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