Green Striped Cushaw Pumpkins pk/10

115 days. Cucurbita argyrosperma. Plant produces good yields of 20" long with curved neck pumpkin. The skin is white with green stripes. It has thick yellow flesh. A colorful Halloween display. United States Department of Agriculture, PI 512128. pk/10

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I've been growing Cushaw Squash for 12 years. It's delicious and versatile. Cushaw squash is hands down the best keeper I've ever known. I had one that kept for over 22 months and would have kept longer but we cooked it for Thanksgiving pie and soup. Secret is to cure it in the sun for about a week, turning the fruit twice a day till you can't get a thumbnail into the skin. You won't be sorry!!!
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I have grown and eaten cushaw pumpkins (not squash) my entire life. It is the best pumpkin pie you will ever make or ever have - no "strings" just beautiful smooth "meat" and no "hay" taste you seem to get with traditional orange pumpkins. You will love it.
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