Grande Jalapeno Hot Peppers pk/10

85 days. Capsicum annuum. (F1) Plant produces good yields of 4 ½" long by 1 ½" wide hot peppers. Peppers turn from green to red when mature. This giant Jalapeno pepper is an inch longer than than regular Jalapeno. It has thick walls and is disease resistant. Excellent fresh or pickled. Produces heavy yields even under adverse weather conditions. Plant has green stems, green leaves, and white flowers. A variety from the USA. Disease Resistant. pk/10

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I grew this in 2011 and the plant grew pretty tall, about 1,5 meter. The yield was more than expected (about 25/plant/season) and the taste was the perfect hotness for making poppers! The meat and skin is very thick so there is a lot of food per fruit. I did have some trouble with aphids, but if you can keep them out this is really the ideal Jalapeno.
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The best ever Jalapeno, and great for salsa, a notch hotter than normal Jalapeno's out of 12 plants 4'tall I was overwhelmed with huge popper sized Jalapeno's. Great seeds I'll never grow any other kind!
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