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71 days. Capsicum annuum. (F1) Plant produces good yields of huge 7" long by 4" wide sweet bell peppers. Peppers are very flavorful and turn from green to red when mature. One of the World’s Largest Sweet Pepper. This variety has more vitamin C than an orange. Excellent for salads, stuffing, and cooking. Suitable for home garden and market growers. pk/10

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Goliath is a good name for these. They are huge. I tested 8 different varieties of bell pepper seeds from the US and Europe. These were the biggest without looking like they were some mutant from a nuclear experiment. Most are 4 lobes, 6-9 inches long by 3.5 – 4.5 inches wide, Thick walls and great flavor, green or red. Germination rate is nearly 100%. Do not plant more than 1/4 “ deep. Plant in warm soil. Cool soil retards germination. Plant in trays and or in a controlled environment to manage water, temperature and pests. Seeds should be up in 5-7 days. Harden off seedlings if transplanting from indoors to outdoors. My experience was 75 days from directly sown seeds in the ground to first harvest. Feed with a balanced fertilizer with micro nutrients and more nitrogen to start. When flowers appear take off the first and second nodes of flowers to allow plant to become stronger. Switch the fertilizer to balanced with more Phosphorus. Pepper plants are self pollinating. Start pruning many side shoots and suckers to make room for larger fruits. Once fruiting begins switch fertilizer to include more Potassium for production. I can’t imagine trying to grow these as a bush. You will need to support these plants with cages or trellises or they WILL break and make sure the fruits are hanging free so they don’t get deformed. I grew these pruned to only 2 stems, trellised on strings wrapped around the stems. As mentioned these fruits are huge. The largest one we weighed thus far was 13.2 ounces and the average was 9+ oz. At the time of writing they are over 7 feet tall and still growing like weeds with flowers /fruits at every node spaced 5-7 inches apart. So make sure you have plenty of room.
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