German Johnson Tomato (Regular Leaf) pk/20

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80 days. Lycopersicon esculentum. Plant produces good yields of a very large 16 oz pink tomatoes. The tomatoes are meaty, very flavorful, have very few seeds, and turn pink with yellow shoulders when mature. This regular leaf variety is one of the parents of the Mortgage Lifter. A heirloom variety from North Carolina and Virginia, USA. Indeterminate. pk/20

Lot No: D7095

Germination: 85%

Test Date: 12/16

Lycopersicon esculentum

Seed DepthSoil Temp. for GerminationDays to GerminationSunlight RequirementsPlanting Time
1/4 to 1/2" 80 F to 85 F 7 to 14 daysFull Sun Spring
USDA Hardiness ZoneSeed SpacingRow SpacingSpace After ThinningDays to Harvest
N/A 1"48" 48"60 - 90 days
Tomato Seed Planting Information:

Tomato plants should be grown in a warm areas and receive plenty of sunlight, so choose a sunny spot in your garden. Relocate your tomato plants in different parts of your garden each year to avoid diseases. Optimum temperatures for growing tomatoes are between 65 and 85 degrees F. Plant your seeds indoors 10 to 12 weeks before setting outside. Use Miracle Gro Seed Starting Material for best germination results. We have tested other Seed Starting Mix and experienced poor germination rates. You may have to special order the Miracle Gro Seed Starting Potting Mix from your nursery, as it is hard to find it at many of the large home and garden centers. Do not add any soil, fertilizers, and other chemicals to seed starting material! Do not use jiffy peat pots, plugs, or potting soil as the soil becomes too dry or too wet, which can lead to disease and fungus. We have experienced disease and low germination when using these types of products. When seedlings are 4" tall, transplant them in larger pots. Plants should be at least 10" tall before transplanting outdoors. Place plants outdoors in shady area several days before transplanting outdoors. Shelter the transplants to prevent sunburn, wilting, and rain damage. Spring planting should occur when soil is warm, at least 3 weeks after last frost, and when temperatures remain above 70 degrees F. You can plant early if you use water towers. To prevent branches from breaking from the weight of tomatoes, use 5 to 6 ft tall cages. To tie plants to stakes, use soft strips of cloth. Check indeterminate plants regularly, and pinch off suckers and side branches where leaves join the stems. Plants can grow 1 to 6 ft tall.

Soil Requirements:

Requires fertile slightly acid soil in a well drained location in the garden. Apply mulch and grass clippings, or straw around base of plant. Work the soil thoroughly before planting. Add well-rotted manure and compost.

Water Requirements:

Keep soil consistently moist, but not waterlogged. Water well during dry and hot spells. Water in the morning only, on the side of the plants and not directly on the leaves.

Fertilizer Requirements:

Use RootBlast, Vegetable Alive, and Slow Release Fertilizer when transplanting outdoors. Apply Miracle Gro every two weeks.

Harvest Tips:

Harvest tomatoes when they are fully mature using a garden scissor so you don't damage the plant. Pick them as they mature to encourage new fruit to form. Remove any decayed tomatoes from the plant.

Customer Reviews

Average Rating

by on May 25, 2009

Great producer of pink fruit for canning,slicing. A great all purpose tomato.

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by on March 2, 2011

I had one plant last year and it out did all other by far, I am going to make it my mainstay tomato. Great canned, best slicer for us by far. Totaley awsome

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by on August 14, 2012

Sweet as candy, very large fruit. A little cracking late in the season here in Southeast Texas. May have to share them with the redbirds. Recommended

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by on October 25, 2010

This is an awsome tomato, sweet and few seeds. Very prolific with huge size. I like low acid, and this one was just right. It out produced mortgage lifter by far. Worked well here in the heat in southern Washington.

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by on October 12, 2010

This tomato grew great in my garden in Mesa , Arizona , in 2010, will try it again in 2011 ! Slow starting seddlings but great flavor .

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by on August 20, 2010

A delicious slicer, but the fragile skin demands gentle handling.

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