Early Purple Sprouting Broccoli pk/50

60 days. Brassica oleracea. Open Pollinated. Plant produces a very flavorful heads of purple broccoli. Once the main head is removed this variety will continuously produce many offshoots during the season. Also can be used as a sprouting broccoli. Broccoli turns green when cooked. Excellent color choice for garnishes or using fresh in salads. An extremely easy to grow hardy winter vegetable. Plant late winter/early spring. Excellent choice for home gardens. United States Department of Agriculture, G 32267. pk/50

85% 09/16

Seeds Per Pound: 128,000

Plant Height: 18 to 24” tall

Planting Season: Spring/Fall

Sunlight Requirement: Full Sun

Planting Method: Indoor Sow/Direct Sow

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