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55 days. Lycopersicon esculentum. Plant produces high yields of flavorful 2 ½" diameter red tomatoes. It is one of the best eating saladette varieties on the market. This early producing variety grows tomatoes in clusters up to 9. Excellent for salads and sandwiches. Very productive until first frost. Disease Resistant: VFA. Indeterminate. pk/10

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Early and Late Blight hits tomatoes in my area every year. Early Cascade has been the most reliable variety in three ways: 1)They are effected by it the last. 2) First cherry tomatoes like Sungold ripens, followed by Early Cascade, so it is the earliest of the regulars, and it also dies the last. 3) Fruits stay on the plant firm for an unexpectedly long time without going bad. But this is definitely not the best tasting Tomato. Therefore, I begin with Early Cascade, when the others such as Big Beef, Cherokee Purple etc. ripnes, I leave it alone, and when all others die, I start eating Early Cascades again, and the fruits that had ripened 45 days ago on it are still in outstanding shape. It is indispensible for me.
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Early Cascade is a super producer, smaller, early, slightly pointed and in clusters...very mild taste, thick skin, and doesn't crack. Flavor and texture reminds me of a Roma. Husband's favorite. Slice in quarters for salads or eat fresh, also great for salsa and pasta sauce. Everdina
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