Delfino Coriander pk/50

2006 All-America Selections Winner! 47 days. Coriandrum sativum. Annual. Plant produces very pungent leaves and seeds. This is a very attractive plant with fern-like foliage. A slow to bolt variety! Used in seasoning pickles and meats. Also referred to as Cilantro. A member of the dill family. pk/50

Plant Height: 1 ½ ft tall.

Sunlight: Partial Shade/Full Sun

Planting Instructions: Plant seeds ½" deep. Plant every 3 to 4 weeks for continuous supply.

Soil Facts: Requires a well prepared soil. Use general purpose fertilizer when preparing soil.

Germination: 12-18 days

Tips: Use Herbs Alive and RootBlast for larger plants and higher yields.


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