Daytona Arugula pk/100

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45 days. Eruca vesicaria. Annual. Open Pollinated. Plant produces excellent yields of green arugula leaves. It is very flavorful when the leaves are young and tender with a peppery and mustardy taste. Great in salads and sandwiches. Very easy to grow! Excellent choice for home gardens.

Lot No: 2871

Germination: 90%

Test Date: 09/19

Seeds Per Pound: 240,000

Plant Height: 12 to 18” Tall

Planting Season: Spring/Summer/Fall

Sunlight Requirement: Full Sun/Partial Shade

Planting Method: Direct Sow

Planting Instructions: Plant seeds ¼" to ½" deep.

Soil Facts: Requires a well prepared soil. Use general purpose fertilizer when preparing soil.

Germination: 12-18 days at 70°F

Tips: Use Herbs Alive and RootBlast for larger plants and higher yields.

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