Black Pearl Hot Peppers PVP pk/10

2006 All-America Selections Winner! 90 days. Capsicum annuum. (F1) Plant produces good yields of shiny black ornamental hot peppers. Peppers are very hot, grow upright, and turn from black to red when mature. Plant has black leaves, black stems, and white flowers. Does well in regions where there is high heat and humidity. A beautiful plant suitable for indoor pots. pk/10

Plant Height: 1 ½ ft tall.

85% 08/15

PVP Variety- Seeds may be used only to grow for personal use.

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Very stout plants. Excellent color and plenty of fruit. Very dark purple to bright red when ripe. 3 levels of heat intensity. I bit into one, the flavor was mild, slight hint of citrus. My mom freaked out stating they aren't for eating. She backed away as the capsacin filled the air. The first 30 - 60 second mild heat. The next 90 seconds a robust flavor and more intense heat. Another 60 seconds quite hot. Not very flavorful but fun to watch the family freak out. Calmed down in 3 minutes. A+ for looks. For taste and flavor give it a C, heat give it a B rating.
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I can't believe how healthy these plants are. They're thriving in DC's high heat/humidity. It's early July and I've already had to stake them, they are so overloaded with peppers.
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