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85 days. Citrullus lanatus. Plant produces very high yields of large 22 lb dark green watermelons with light green markings. The red flesh is very sweet. This is a variety similar to the Crimson Sweet, but with higher sugar content and better flesh color. A variety from the USA. Disease Resistant: Anthracnose Race 1 and Anthracnose Race 2, Fusarium Wilt, and Downy Mildew. pk/20

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Germination: 85%

Test Date: 12/16

PVP Variety- Seeds may be used only to grow for personal use.

Citrullus lanatus

Seed DepthSoil Temp. for GerminationDays to GerminationSunlight RequirementsPlanting Time
1 - 3"75 F to 85 F 7 to 14 daysFull Sun Spring
USDA Hardiness ZoneSeed SpacingRow SpacingSpace After ThinningDays to Harvest
N/A Hills  8 ft Apart 8 ft Hills 8 ft Apart70 - 110 days
Watermelon Seed Planting Information:

Watermelons require a lot of space and a sunny location on your garden. Plant 5 to 7 seeds in a diameter outdoors in hills. Planting should occur 1 to 2 weeks after last frost. Plants grow 1 ft tall and vines spread up to 6 ft.

Soil Requirements:

Requires fertile soil in a well drained location in the garden. Apply much and grass clippings, or straw around base of plant. Add well-rotted manure and compost to soil.

Water Requirements:

Water well during dry and hot spells. Make sure plants get 1" water per week.

Fertilizer Requirements:

Use RootBlast, Vegetable Alive, and Slow Release Fertilizer when transplanting outdoors. Apply Miracle Gro every two weeks.

Harvest Tips:

Protect ripening watermelons from damp ground by placing them on boards. Tap the watermelon with your knuckles, and if it sounds hollow, it's ready. Cut watermelons carefully from plants to prevent damaging the vines.

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