Alaska Sweet Peas pk/50

58 days. Pisum sativum. Plant produces good yields of small light green sweet peas. One of the earliest producing peas with vines 2 ½ feet tall. An excellent canning variety. United States Department of Agriculture, NSL 5135. Disease Resistant: Fusarium Wilt. pk/50

88% 12/15

Plant Height: 30" tall.

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I came upon Alaska Sweet Peas from a biology teacher. I planted them very early this spring (late March in NORTHEAST PA). There is a VERY high yielding variety. My vines grew up a 4 foot fence and they are hanging another 2 feet above the fence. I planted about 100 seeds and I am pulling over 4 quarts daily... for the past week. Even as I pull the peas off there are hundreds of white flowers and hundreds of pea pods in various stages. The standard sugar snap pea that is growing on another section of fence has yet to produce a single flower. It has managed to grow almost 4 feet up. I cannot say enough about how well the Alaskan Sweet Peas are growing... AMAZING!!
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Similar experience here in Maryland. Supposed 30" vines just kept climbing and setting peas like mad. Ended up with a good 6' of vine in raised beds with lots of compost and I think we used inoculant. The yield was crazy good. Had about a 16' row that put about a gallon in the freezer and I lost count of how many we ate the day we picked them. Every time we thought they were done and got ready to pull them for the next crop my wife would have me wait just a few days and Bam!... they were back again. Definitely planting more of these next year. Next time I will definitely spread them out more as well. Grew so tight they were a bit hard to pick.
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